About us

thewonk.eu makes it easier to share and discover reports, insights, videos from political analysts and policy wonks, both in Brussels and across the EU. Our online platform creates a go to point for policymakers and public affairs professionals to share their own insights and read or view the insights of others.      

If effective policymaking requires knowledge, diverse perspectives, and debate, then policymakers and public affairs professionals require input in the form of reports, videos, studies and analysis. Yet relevant input is often distributed across multiple websites and platforms, hence time consuming to find and resulting in many important insights being missed. Moreover, there are few means of evaluating quality of the insights.

Of course, the mere availability of policy analysis is not sufficient and information is useful only insofar as it is organised, relevant, and clearly presented. Our purpose is not merely to aggregate analysis, but also to sort and evaluate it through other analysts comments and feedback.

Marek Zaremba-Pike

While working on the Europe Decides project, I discovered the high demand for policy insights both in Brussels and across Europe. All that is needed for wider audiences to find political analysts’ insights is to create a single online platform for policy insights to be shared - rather than expecting others to look for that content in multiple places.

Marek has a background in European Public Policy and worked at a leading public affairs consultancy in Brussels.

Ruud Wassen

Wouldn’t it be great, if there was ONE central place where you share and discover relevant political analysis about any topic? Useful political, policy and regulatory insights, in the form of reports, videos, presentations or info graphics, can be hard to find; our aim is to solve this with this platform.

Ruud currently works for Teneo Strategy and has previously worked for an association in Brussels.