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How do I find the policy analysis I’m looking for?

Before, you had to check multiple websites to be sure that you discovered all the leading analysis and insights available. Now you only have to check one website.

If you have a specific issue in mind, just type the relevant keywords in the search box in the top right-hand corner. If you just want to browse, click on our logo on the top of the screen, or choose "Home" from the menu. You can browse by recent uploads, most highly rated reports from the past 30 days, most highly rated free reports from the past 30 days, by topic, and by publisher.

How do I rate a report or video?

Love a report/video? Be sure to let the authors know it!

Feedback is the only way you will get access to better and better insights. So if you download a report or video, be sure to go back to the report’s page (the same place you downloaded the report from) and leave a rating between 1 - 5 stars.

And if you are really feeling like a helpful wonk, then leave a comment below the report/video too!

How do you calculate the "Most popular reports/videos"?

Through a complex algorithm designed in a high tech laboratory… Well, actually it’s a bit simpler. The most popular reports/videos is based on the reports uploaded in the past 30 days with the highest number of downloads. If your report or video was uploaded more than 30 days ago, it will not appear, no matter how high the rating. And if two reports/videos have exactly the same rating, the one with the highest rating will be shown first.

Why 30 days? We want to keep the section fresh. But don’t worry, the all time classics that stay relevant long after 30 days are still there, just look for them using the search function. We may also included an "All time favourites" section.

What on earth is a policy wonk?

A wonk is someone who is highly specialised in a specific area of knowledge. So a policy wonk is someone who knows about policy - or at least a specific area of policy.

What "analysis" should I share?

Your analysis can be anything from an infographic to a two paragraph memo analysing a legislative development to a 150 page assessment of the impact of a specific policy. The only requirement is that you convert your word docs, powerpoints, or any other documents, into PDF. For video: video interviews, info graphics, analysis of EU policy developments, event summaries, or other videos

How do I share my insights, reports, videos and presentations with the world?

Now with, you can upload your analysis to a single platform where you know those looking for EU policy analysis will find it easily.

Your analysis can be anything from an infographic to a summary of an European Parliament meeting to an in-depth assessment of the impact of a specific policy. The only requirement is that you convert your word docs, powerpoints, or any other documents, into PDF. We would suggest that videos should be short - up to 3-4 minutes long. We will initially test a 1.5GB limit on the video length, this should allow for 15 minutes of high quality video

Registered users can upload reports/videos in 3 easy steps (if you have not registered for an account, click on the "Sign-up" button in the top right-hand corner):

  1. Go to your "Dashboard" by clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner;
  2. Click on "Upload Report" button; and
  3. Complete the Upload Report form.

When you are done uploading a report/video, users can discover, download, rate, and comment on your reports.

You can upload as many reports and videos as you like FOR FREE!

Do I still own the report/video after I upload it?

Yes, of course. You own all of the content, feedback, and personal information you provide to us, but you also grant us a nonexclusive license to it. We need this non-exclusive license so that we can host your report/video on the website. Rest assured, we'll honor the choices you make about whether the content you share is free or pay to access. And if you ever wish to withdraw the content, all you need to do is delete the report and/or video.

But please, be sure to read our user agreement carefully. When you use our website, you are entering into a legal agreement and you agree to all of the terms in our agreement.

Sorry to hear that! Well the first thing to do is rate the report with the appropriate rating, and perhaps a comment. If that is not enough, then be sure to contact the publisher directly.

THEWONK.EU does not handle payments, so we cannot help with refunds. If you do wish to escalate a complaint, and you feel the publisher is not being fair, then you should contact the payment provider, Stripe.

How do I reset my password?

Click here.

Can I actually speak to a person please?

Both the founders have full time jobs, but if you do have a question please email us at We promise that we will reply as quickly as we can.