September round-up: improvements, sponsors, etc. continues to improve and grow, but there is so much more to do. To keep up the developments, we are excited to have started working with exclusive sponsorship packages. Find out more below.

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Round-up of improvements on

Back in December we promised a whole range of improvements to, some major and some minor. We have succeeded in launching a number of them and some other improvements we didn’t mention then. Some of these changes include.

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A wish-list for in 2016

You and everyone else’s inboxes and monitors will now be crowded out with seasonal greetings, end of year self-praise and visions for 2016. And like everyone else, we genuinely believe ours worth reading, because it’s about you and your work.

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October update - stats, product updates

All the key numbers about or first month, and the details about the protect updates implemented to improve the particleboard for our users.

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Exciting times for

Over the past month, we have met with two dozen or so organisations of all kinds and have received very encouraging feedback across the board and many commitments to upload content. Following these meetings, we wanted to provide you with a quick update on our next steps.

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Brussels, 24-AUG-15 - A new opportunity for the Brussels policy community will officially be launched on 1st October 2015.’s online platform creates a go to point for policymakers and public affairs professionals to share their own insights and read, evaluate and discuss the insights of others.

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